Autorska Pracownia Architektury Krajobrazu Jardin

I have been running my landscaping company ‘Jardin’ since 2004. In this time I have designed more than 130 projects both in Poland and abroad. I design gardens, commercial and public spaces including relandscaping and regeneration. I can arrange an interior greenery, design a roof garden or landscape a large plot.

It is difficult to accurately describe what the work of a landscape architect is in one sentence. It is a mixture of management, engineering, a bit of art and a lot of patience.
So far I have designed private areas, which you look at through the window over a cup of morning coffee, some spaces you might have passed on the way to work or the surroundings and interior of an office building or garden in a restaurant, in which you might have eaten dinner.

The fact that I have had a chance to gain experience in such diverse areas allows me to say that my company can complete a variety of projects in a flexible and timely manner. Also, the design itself is usually just a starting point because we often implement our designs and keep taking care of the area after it’s finished.

I adapt  the style of the gardens, squares, office building surroundings and other areas I design to the character of the place and the owner’s needs. I’m mindful of who will use the space and how it will be used but also who will take care of it. I always try to combine the surroundings of a building with the environment in a harmonious way.
I am an alumnus of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and a member of the Association of Landscape Architecture.
Kamila Tomasiewicz