garden in the city

basic data
2013/2014 design
850 m2  area
2014 implementation

16 trees including 2 bonsai
163 perennials and grasses
95 bushes
37 climbers

A rather small city garden harmonizes with the Modernist house. There are some straight lines with a few curves in the lawn and in the house itself. Round shaped plants – maple trees, pines, boxwood bushes and yews are present both in the front yard and in the pot by the terrace. A red leaf Japanese maple tree and weeping beech with burgundy leaves are the main two elements in the garden in the back of the house. A magnolia tree and azaleas will bloom in the spring, in the summer it’ll be hydrangeas and roses and in the fall heathers, when spindle trees change color. Conifers and evergreen bushes will be the main attractions in the winter.

The view from the terrace during the works. The tall trees growing on the adjacent plots have become a part of the plant composition optically enlarging the garden. The terrace which is elevated high above ground level is connected to the lower terrace and the lawn by stairs on two sides. These different levels diversified the space and make it appear bigger. Soft colored materials were used for the pavement, both terraces, the flower pots and retaining wall near the entrance to the garage.

In the winter the garden is decorated by balls of yew, boxwood, holly and fields of ground cover Pachysandra. In the spring delicate, yellow-green flowers and bright green leaves on the spherical clones appear. In the summer the blooming hydrangeas and creeping white and pink roses are a splash of color near the main gate. They bloom until late fall when the maple leaves turn a warm shade of yellow. Mountain pines, lavender, boxwood and red colored spindle grow in a concrete pot near the terrace.

Please take a look at ‘the making of’ in the gallery, to see the difference between what the area looked like before and after the garden was finished.