Garden in five weeks

basic data:

500 m2 of land size

March-May 2019 project and implementation

We planted:

6 trees

151 shrubs

157 grasses and perennials

29 vines

The investor’s wish was to create a modern garden, with a large lawn, a place for 3 cars, preferably under a roof, a storage for tools and a covered terrace. There would be nothing special about it if it weren’t for the fact that there were only 8 weeks for the design and implementation of all the work, including the selection of furniture and accessories. We managed to make the final version of the project in 3 weeks and set the schedule in the contractors and collect materials. And in the next five weeks, Jardin, Innergarden, Górnicki Tarasy, Spotline, Miloo, Cortena and several other companies worked together to create a completely new garden.
We made new irrigation and lighting installations, renovated the wooden façade of the building, a new carport, a garden house, a wooden fence for the entire plot, a terrace and a pergola that protects against both sun and rain.

In addition, there were also new pavements, large trees from the Dutch Ebben nursery, lawns from a roller or pots in front of the property. We also dealt with the selection of plants for interiors and balconies, the selection of furniture and bio-fireplace on the terrace. In a word, a completely new space was created according to plan in 5 weeks.
This small garden will absorb the Jardin team for a total of 8 weeks due to very high time pressure and the necessity to organize deliveries and supervise a dozen or so companies involved in the project. Despite a few stressful moments and difficulties, we are pleased with the result and are pleased to see the garden growing.