in front of Warsaw University of Technology

basic data

August 2009 r design
2010 r implementation
3196 m2  area
700 m2 pavement
16 trees
1091 bushes
291 climbers and perennials
20 benches
4 garbage bins
5 steel pergola

beggining of the realization
The area in front of the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which is situated next to a busy road, was transformed from a concrete desert into a city square. The old concrete surface was replaced with granite slabs framed by clinker bricks – the pattern mirrors the facade of the building.

ławki i pergola
mała architektura
plac miejski
projekt terenu
plac miejski
teren publiczny
The granite surface is interspersed with patches of vegetation – small oval hills with mountain pine, tall weeds and dogwood bushes. I added some street furniture like supports for climbing plants, metal benches and garbage bins. In the evening the plaza is lit by spotlights accentuating the surface and the plants.

Please take a look at ‘the making of’ in the gallery, to see the difference between what the area looked like before and after the garden was finished.