garden by the Vistula River

basic data

2016 r. design
2017/2018 r. planned implementation
373 m2 lawn
277 m2 meadow

to be planted:
29 trees including 8 fruit
2944 perennials and grasses
404 bushes
37 climbers
165 bulbs

projekt 3d

rzut z góry projektu
projekt zagospodarowania terenu
The lot is surrounded by picturesque meadows around the Vistula River. It is flat and open to the neighboring landscape. The only buildings in the neighborhood are at the back of the house. Due to the proximity of the river and the local soil conditions, the building had to be elevated, which in turn enabled us to plan an interesting terrain.

how the garden will look like
The owner’s dream was to have a winter garden connected with the outdoor garden, which would be an extension of the house. The winter garden is perfect for growing heat-loving plants. Just near the windows it is possible to admire landscape. The terrace on the ground floor level will be surrounded by a group of flowering hydrangeas and perennials.