multi level garden

basic data

November 2014 r
2015-2016 implementation
749 m2 area
55 m2 hard surfaces
17 trees
121 bushes
310 ground covers
309 perennials, grasses, climbers

Modern architecture of the house determined straight lines in the garden. The most challenging part of the project was altering the levels in the relatively small space of the garden. The terrace, which wasn’t a part of the garden, is elevated high above the ground level.
By placing the pots around the terrace we created a connection between the garden and the terrace and the greenery peeks through the windows into the living room. Concrete pots serve as a retaining wall for the grassy slope, which connects the terrace and the lower part of the garden.

Thanks to the pots there’s a quiet corner at the foot of the terrace with a view of the magnificent red-leaf fullmoon maple (Acer Japonicum) and a group of tall spruce trees.
White concrete slabs of varying sizes were used both for the paths and steps. Right from the start the yard with the swing became the kids’ favorite spot.

Please take a look at ‘the making of’ in the gallery, to see the difference between what the area looked like before and after the garden was finished.