garden in the countryside

basic data

2016 r. design
2016 r. implementation
1120 m2  area

11 trees
199 bushes
1949 perennials
2609 ground covers
21 climbers

zanim ekipa wykonawcza pojawiła się w terenie
This is what the area looked like at the beginning of spring 2016. It’s located in a small resort town on the Bug river. The investors wanted to expand their garden and bought the neighboring land. There would be nothing unusual about that, if it wasn’t for the fact that the purchased plot was a neglected pine forest and we had only 8 weeks to design and implement the plan.
The ‘old’ part was more or less taken care of  – there was a small cottage house, a patio with a slightly warped surface and a terrace which was falling apart, but there was also a decent lawn, a few large spruce and pine trees, some ornamental shrubs and perennials and a vegetable garden. The surface of the terrace and patio had to be replaced, some plants had to be moved or at least pruned.

The ‘new’ part was separated by a quaint picket fence, which charmed  me so much that it became one of the main inspirations for the design, together with a few other interesting elements which I had spotted during my first visit. At the end of the gallery you can see pictures of what the garden looked like before the implementation.
The existing lawn was combined with the new one so that the boundary between the two plots was removed.

Please take a look at ‘the making of’ in the gallery, to see the difference between what the area looked like before and after the garden was finished.