Corten in the garden

Basic data:

II-III 2021 – project
IV-VI – garden construction
200 m2 – area size
31 m2 – deck size

We planted:
322 perennials and ornamental grasses
27 shrubs
85 ground covers
1 tree


How to create an original green oasis from a typical backyard garden ? This time, in addition to interesting composition, we bet on custom-made accessories.
When we started on the existing terrace there was no sun in the afternoon , and the view was only to one side of the garden. We decided to extend the decking almost to the fence. This arrangement gave the terrace both sunshine in the morning and place to enjoy of the afternoon sun.

There is also a light pergola with a glass roof above part of the terrace, so you can use it even when it is raining. The sunny part of the terrace not only gave the comfort of using the garden on cooler, sunny days, but also activated so far less frequented used part of the garden.
A small pond with softly rushing water flowing from a Corten spout introduces movement and reflections of light in a shadowy place under the magnolias. We also used corten as a background for ornamental grasses and a curtain for an unattractive fence next to the terrace.
The warm color of the rust of these elements perfectly matches the color of the wooden terrace and looks beautiful in combination with greenery.