forest garden

basic data

2008 r. design
2009 r. implementation
3500 m2 area
400 m2 lawn

893 perennials
267 bushes
108 climbers
1 tree

ogród w lesie

byliny w dużych grupach

The owners of this forest garden asked me to keep the forest character and add some color and arrange places to relax – a terrace and lawn. They wanted to retain a simple, modern and elegant style that would go with the contemporary building.  To make the garden more interesting I added some flowering plants, ornamental grasses and perennials.

The plants growing on two small hills encircle the oval lawn. All the hard surfaces are hidden among plants or grass. Some of the trunks are covered with climbers which creates columns of green. Some of them are lit to add to the ambience after dusk.
Before the garden was created it was an empty barren space. In the background you can see a neighboring house, which will be obscured by bushes.

Please take a look at ‘the making of’ in the gallery, to see the difference between what the area looked like before and after the garden was finished.

teren po budowie

teren przed realizacją

współczesny ogród w lesie