garden in the countryside making of

contractors: Great Garden
Prokam, local contractors
supervision: Jardin
design: Kamila Tomasiewicz

It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks before the area was about half the size and a new part of the site was neglected overgrown with dense pine forest full of garbage. Here are the photos of the pre-implementation and the process of creating the garden.
Implementation began with the removal of dead branches, dead trees, waste and other unnecessary elements. At the new surface parking and a patio made contruction, foundation and finally the surface of the plates in a warm sand color. Local contractor made a wooden fence that separates from its neighbors. Along the fence were planted trees and shrubs, which sometimes mask the completely uninteresting buildings on the neighboring plot. Fragments of the old, charming bleak served as a support for mallows,phlox, peony, sage and other plants. Large pieces of land have been planted with ground cover plants, which in a few years will create a green carpet.